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Supply your students with the highest quality of water.

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Do you supply expensive water out of a bottle to staff and clients?

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Pure hot and cold water for your waiting rooms.

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Seagull Water Purifiers - a World leader in water purification.

Welcome to SEAGULL WATER Purification systems.   We sell the only water purifiers in the world with both United States EPA and EU 98/83 EC Standards.  The world leader in drinking water purification systems. General Ecology Inc. - Incorporating the Structured Matrix System which works like no other water purifier on the water system market today. You can trust your water safety with SEAGULL  exceptional quality range of water purifiers. Made in the USA
Our systems provide the best in under sink, whole house, caravan, boat, commercial and portable water purifying range
With no PVC plastic components, lead free ceramic cartridge faucet and a range that suits every need you can trust our water treatment products for quality and safety. 
We offer a 10 year warranty on all stainless steel vessells giving you the confidence in investing in this water purification product as we have the confidence in offering this cover in the first place.

Not your average water purifier.

There are a lot of claims made in the water filtration industry about "our system being better than our competitors system". Some reading and fact checking is required to establish what is important to you and what drinking system is best suited for you. Our proven and patented "Structured Matrix" water purifier systems developed nearly four decades ago, can remove a broad range of contaminants including, water borne disease carrying micro-organisms, toxic or carcinogenic chemicals, sediments, bad tastes, odours, isotopes and other particulate matter including chlorine!

Order your bits and pieces with us too!

Get your replacement water filter cartridges and parts from us as you continue to enjoy the benefits of owning your Seagull Water system. We send direct to your door.

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We also supply pure water solutions for your office and other varied applications.